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Is taking cocaine every now and then less dangerous than using it on a daily basis?

Hi Stanton.......

My name is Hans and I worked on Cruise ships for over 8 years. During that time I became addicted to cocaine.....and I really loved it. Due to the fact I loved it so much, I lost my job and fiancee; the usual story I guess. Now I am back home and have a great job and haven't used coke for many month's, but once and a while I just have to and I make myself a lousy excuse to use it. So I use once every 2 months 1 or 2 gramms. My question is: Is taking once every now and again less dangerous than taking on a daily basis?

I've been really hooked, but my life is getting so well right now, so I really try to fight the monster out of my brains, but it is coming back all the time. Allthough I am strong most of the times, sometimes I have to give in.......Does this ever go away or do I have to cope with this for the rest of my life.......?

Thanx if you are replying......!

Greetings from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Dear Hans,

Yes, it is better to do only alittle and not a lot. You sound like you wish to quit altogether. Sometimes people cannot succeed at that, at least immediately. So if you can continue to limit your use, and perhaps in the future quit altogether, some people do do this. For many, probably most, people, the ability to reduce and to avoid cravings becomes better over time.

Good luck, you have my best wishes,