Stanton keeps track of, and is intimately familiar with, the best non-disease treatment programs, the ones with the greatest integrity, value, skill, and success. He knows the personnel at each of them and has worked with them. He currently finds that these are the best treatment options that don't view, or treat, alcohol or drug problems as diseases that can't be overcome.

The programs below operate in every modality -- Internet, residential, and outpatient settings (and, should you consult any of them, please reference Stanton):

  • Life Process Program (Internet)
    This is Stanton's own program, developed out of his own work and refined over several years of operation in a prestige residential rehab, with all that was learned translated into an automated program with exercises, readings, and life planning. Research has indicated that such programs are as effective as person-to-person counseling, as Stanton described in The Fix, and this is the best such addiction online program.

  • Practical Recovery (detox, residential and outpatient treatment in San Diego/La Jolla)
    Stanton has known and worked with Tom Horvath for several decades. Tom is President of SMART Recovery® and Past President of the American Psychological Association’s Division on Addictions. Tom's view and approach to addiction treatment -- along with that of the extremely talented group of therapists he has put together -- leads to the best residential treatment available in Southern California, or really anywhere.

  • Alternatives Addiction Treatment (outpatient treatment for addiction/other issues in Los Angeles)
    Alternatives co-directors Adi Jaffe and Marc Kern are close associates of mine. They combine technologically advanced biofeedback with cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness for addiction and related issues. They are the only west coast program offering structured controlled drinking therapy, while Alternatives staff also provide childhood, adolescent, and adult services for anxiety, impulsivity, sleep and other issues.

  • St. Jude Program - Residential
    This program is administered by the entirely original thinker in the addiction field, Mark Scheeren. St. Jude does not practice treatment per se, but what is called cognitive behavioral education (CBE), based on the principle that the client is actually doing the essential work for himself or herself -- the program only provides the raw materials, instruction, and guidance for the person in order to create change. This is an extremely sound model that has shown great effectiveness.

  • St. Jude Outpatient Program New York
    The St. Jude program in New York is administered by Steven Slate, a former heroin addict with whom Stanton has worked directly in program development, treatment, and media presentations. Steve is as talented, knowledgeable, and conscientious a counselor as there is in the addiction field, and Stanton recommends clients to him wholeheartedly.

Stanton has visited and worked with every program described here. Given these options, utilizing every type of venue or medium, you should be able to find a program tailored to you or a loved one that will help you or them improve your/their life and leave addiction behind.