Books containing contributions by Stanton

From Death Do I Part: How I Freed Myself From Addiction

Amy Lee Coy, forword by Stanton Peele

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The intimate exposure of Amy's courageous journey through recovery from over 20 years of substance abusewithout the aid of conventional methods such as AA, psychiatry or medication. In her book, Amy shares with us her recovery process in such a way that not only is the reader engaged in her often gripping, always revealing stories, but they are also warmly invited into her healing process so that if they also struggle with addiction, they may learn to heal themselves as well.

Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality

Christopher Ryan, Ph.D. Cacilda Jethá

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The essential corrective to the evolutionary psychology literature, Sex at Dawn irrefutably shows that the urgent sexuality apparent everywhere in human society and that requires layers of religious, social, and psychological suppression was a constant feature on the African savanna. The more dubious its evidentiary basis and connection with current reality, the more ardently the scientific inevitability of monogamy is maintained -- even as it collapses around us. Darwin and science have been corralled into fomenting useless, irrational guilt. Drs. Ryan and Jethá make all this as transparent as glass, and do it with style.

Coming Clean: Overcoming Addiction Without Treatment

Robert Granfield and William Cloud, foreword by Stanton Peele

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This book is based on interviews with addicts and alcoholics who recovered without treatment. The authors draw important conclusions from, first, the phenomenon of self-cure, and second, from the methods used by addicts to "come clean."

Alcoholics Anonymous: Cult or Cure?

Charles Bufe, introduction by Stanton Peele

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This first critical history of Alcoholics Anonymous answers questions about the origins of A.A. and the 12-step program, the program's positive and negative aspects, its effectiveness, and its possible alternatives.

Exceptionally well written... articulate, objective, concise, and complete.

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The Real AA: Behind the Myth of 12-Step Recovery

Ken Ragge, introduction by Stanton Peele

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The Real AA is the result of Ken Ragge's journey through AA and its for-profit institutional variants. The book covers virually all aspects of AA and the traditional treatment system: the disease theory of alcohol abuse; AA's origins and development; AA's ideology and indoctrination process; and AA's institutional forms. An invaluable resource to alcohol abusers, their friends, and their families.

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Moderate Drinking: The Moderation Management Guide for People Who Whant to Reduce Their Drinking

Audrey Kishline, introduction by Stanton Peele

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The official handbook of Moderation Management, a non-profit, national self-help program that supports moderate drinking as a reasonable and attainable recovery goal for problem drinkers. Based on her own unsatisfactory experience with abstinence-based programs, Kishline offers inspiration and a step-by-step program to help individuals avoid the kind of drinking that detrimentally affects their lives.

The tragic deaths caused by Audrey Kishline when she was drinking and driving remind that the problems posed by alcoholism often surpass the capacity of individuals, organizations, and society to prevent them at our present stage of knowledge. Certainly no one has all of the answers here. I continue to believe that the principles behind Moderation Management are valid for a significant number of problem drinkers

Drug Policy and Human Nature: Psychological Perspectives on the Prevention, Management, and Treatment of Illicit Drug Abuse (The Language of Science)

Warren K. Bickel & Richard J. DeGrandpre (Eds.)

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A psychological analysis of the relationship among drugs, culture, and human nature, examining abuse within larger societal context in which it occurs. Sections cover the psychological assumptions behind drug policy and the social and cultural factors influencing it, as well as the contribution psychology can make to understanding and changing drug use, and informing policy. Contains Stanton's Assumptions About Drugs and the Marketing of Drug Policies.

Rules, Rituals, and Responsibility: Essays Dedicated to Herbert Fingarette

Mary I. Bockover (Ed.)

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This book contains Stanton's essay "Herbert Fingarette, Radical Revisionist: Why are people so upset with this retiring philosopher?"

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