Lectures and Workshops

Stanton lectures around the United States and internationally about the nature of addiction, new trends in the treatment of addiction, and preventing our next generation of addicts. He is well-known for his interactive, media-savvy, and challenging style of relating to audiences. Contact him about presenting workshops or giving lectures. Read clients' comments on Stanton's lectures.

Recent lectures and workshops scheduled for Stanton include:


May 17, New York City
How to Stop Addictive Thinking: The Cause Of, and Cure For, Addiction, Center for Optimal Living/New School

April 17, New York City
Stanton Peele Presents Recover!, Center for Optimal Living

March 14, New York City
Addiction-Proof Your Child, The Partnership at Drugfree.Org

March 4, Los Angeles
Stanton Peele Presents Recover!, Addiction Alternatives

February 28, San Diego
Concepts of Addiction as Causes and Cures, San Diego Psychological Association

February 24, New York City
Addiction: Myths and Realities, A conversation between Sally Satel, Stanton Peele and John Tierney, Reason, NYC

January 13, New York City
Best Chemical Health Career, Chemical Health Legacy Awards


November 29, Vancouver, Canada
Addiction for the 21st Century, British Columbia Psychological Association

September 23, New York City
What Will Replace the 12 Steps?, Lower East Side Harm Reduction/New School


June 5, Lausanne
Globalization and its Discontents: The advantages of Southern drinking, and those who disdain them. Paper presented at Annual Alcohol Epidemiology Symposium of the Kettil Bruun Society.

May 13, New Providence (NJ) High School
Is addiction a brain disease? John Keaney's science class.

May 5, Turin
Drinking cultures and policy: What really works? Workshop at Department of Social Sciences, University of Turin.

May 4, Florence
Drinking cultures and policy: Alcohol as good and evil. Workshop at Community Program in Alcohol Research, University of Florence.

April 28, Liverpool
The meaning of addiction: Smoking. Major session, Theories and Philosophies of Harm Reduction. 21st Conference of the International Harm Reduction Association.


November 14, Albuquerque
Addiction and drug policy in the 21st Century. Panel discussion Intoxicants, Addiction and the Future of Drug Control, International Drug Policy Reform Conference.

June 12, Paris
What addiction will look like in the 21st Century. Keynote address to ANITEA, French National Network of Drug and Alcohol Counselors.


November 13, Purchase, NY
Teaching kids to drink. Debate: It Is Time to Rethink the Legal Drinking Age. Manhattanville College.

October 23, Summit, New Jersey
Taking the abuse out of alcohol consumption. Talk with middle/high school students and parents, Shaping Summit Together.

October 16, London (British Museum)
What will addiction mean in the 21st Century? Frontiers of Health and Medical Practice series, Anthropology Department of University College London.

October 7, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Are we creating a nation of addicts? Speech at Responsible Gaming Conference, Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation.

October 6, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Preventing the next generation of problem gamblers. Responsible Gambling Conference, Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation.

October 3, Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland
Five questions to answer to addiction-proof our children. Plenary talk at Addiction Proofing Our Communities Conference, Kerry Life Education Ltd. and Southern Regional Drugs Task Force.

May 30, Listowel, County Kerry, Ireland
Addiction-proof your child. Talk at 38th Listowel Writers’ Week.

May 7, Aiyansh, British Columbia
Canada Parents Night, Aiyansh Public Schools.

April 29, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
How to recognize addiction. Talk to high school parents, West Shore Crystal Meth Society.

April 25, New York City
Harm reduction in addiction treatment: Is abstinence possible from adolescence 'til death? Workshop, Psychology Department, New School for Social Research.


November 15, Summit, New Jersey
Addiction-proof your child. Workshop, Summit YMCA.

November 9, New York City
Harm reduction for kids. Workshop, Esperanza (program to divert kids from incarceration).

September 28, Dublin
Addictive experiences and Addiction-proofing children: Child-rearing, prevention, treatment, policy. Workshops, Applied Addiction Studies course, The Addiction Training Institute Ltd., Trinity College.

September 27, Dublin
Are our children more addiction-prone than we were? Lecture, Applied Addiction Studies course, The Addiction Training Institute Ltd., Trinity College.

September 26, Dublin
What do people need to avoid and overcome addiction? Diploma in Drug and Alcohol Studies, University of Limerick and the Health Service Executive Addiction Services.

July 12, Philadelphia
Consult with Reality Check, a contrarian group of former AA members.

June 28, Chicago
Are We Creating More Addicts than We're Curing? Keynote lecture, Haymarket Center's 13th Annual Summer Institute on Addiction.

May 11
What is Addiction? New Providence High School, New Jersey.

April 27, New York City
Addiction Across the Life Span: Addictive relationships in middle age and addiction-proofing children. The New School-Stanton Peele Workshop Series.


October 31, Budapest, Hungary
What addiction tell us about abstinence.  Harm Reduction in Hungary Conference, Hungarian Harm Reduction Association (ÁSZ Egyesület) and Correlation Network.

October 18-19, Campbellton, NB, Canada
Preparing to treat addiction in the 21st century. 1ière Conférence Annuelle sur le Traitement des Dépendances et la Santé Mentale, Régie de la Santé du Restigouche.

July 24, Victoria, BC, Canada
Is society training children to be addicts? Centre for Addictions Research of British Columbia, University of Victoria.

July 21-22, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Higher goals and leaving addictions: Finding meaning in life (Lifetime Achievement Award Lecture). 4th Biennial International Meaning Conference on Addiction, International Network of Personal Meaning (INPM).

June 14, Bath, UK
What addiction is and how people beat it.  Unhooked Thinking Conference, National Institute for Mental Health in England.

May 29-30, Toronto, Canada
The cutting edge in approaches to substance abuse/addiction. Leading Edge Seminars, Toronto, Canada.

March 24, Kingston, Ont., Canada
Can women be addicted to violent relationships? Training Conference Women’s Violence, Association of Emergency Shelters, Ontario, Canada.


January-May, New York City
NYU School of Social Work Post-Master's Program in the Treatment of Alcohol and Drug Abusing Clients
Class: Treatment principles and techniques

April 23, New York City
Division on Addictions of New York State Psychological Association: Going Too Far--When Ordinary Pleasures Become Addictive
Lecture: Recreational drug use and the path from pleasure to addiction

May 27, New York City
National Association of Social Workers Addictions Institute
Special Workshop (with Lala Straussner): The shifting culture of addictions treatment: The role of social workers

June 11, Hackensack, NJ
Bergen County Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse
Workshop: The cutting edge in approaches to substance abuse/addiction


November 5-8, Meadowlands, NJ
Drug Policy Alliance: Reason-Compassion-Justice
Workshop: Harm reduction therapy

November 13, New York City
New York University School of Social Work, Program in the Treatment of Alcohol and Drug Abusing Clients
Discussion: How is addiction treatment changing?

November 22, New York City
National Association of Social Workers Addictions Committee
Presentation: Harm reduction and social work

December 2, New York City
New York University School of Social Work
Dialogue (with Lala Straussner): The pros and cons of 12-step groups

December 10-15, Bournemouth, UK
Bournemouth University: Institute of Health and Community Studies
Public Lecture: "Abstinence and harm reduction: Public allies or natural enemies?"
Masterclass: "Minimising the harms of alcohol therapy."

December 12, London
Lecture: The Meaning of addiction and its implications for drug policy


January 28-29, Honolulu, Hawaii
Tokai University: Pacific Institute of Chemical Dependency
2-day Workshop: "Change and cure: How people remit from addiction on their own and with help"

January 30, Honolulu, Hawaii
Palama Settlement Building: Community Care Services
Case discussion meeting: Dual diagnosis clients

May 3, Duluth, Minnesota
University of Minnesota School of Medicine, Duluth: Denny Brissett Memorial Lecture
Lecture: "The role of values in addiction" Workshop: "Harm reduction and natural remission in addiction"

May 4, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Muscala Chemical Health Clinic, Grand Rounds/Open House
20 years ago, Stanton spoke to about 3,000 people over a week of visits in support of Bob Muscala's Chemical Health Clinic. Two decades later he returns to Minneapolis c/o Bob.

July 24, Chicago, Illinois
Haymarket Center's 8th Annual Summer Institute
Keynote Address: "What is addiction/What is treatment/What is cure?" Workshop: "The Life Process Program: A harm reduction approach" Workshop: "Treatment abuse: Forced treatment, adolescent abuse, and informed consent" Workshop: "The schizophrenic's search for meaning: What are "crazy" people after?"

August 22, Chicago, Illinois
Annual Conference of the American Psychological Association
Plenary Debate: "I can't help it: Individual choice and health-compromising behaviors."

September 24, Montreal, Canada
World Forum: Drugs and Dependencies, Impacts and Responses
Keynote Address: "Are we too dependent on dependencies?"

October 9, New York
Open Society Institute
Commentary: On John Davies, Addiction: Myth or brain disease

October 11, Newark, NJ
International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology: Mental Health in the 21st Century
Workshop: Resisting 12-step coercion

October 14, Dublin
Ballymun Youth Action Project
Talk: The many faces of addiction

October 17, Dublin
National College of Ireland and International Center for Alcohol Policies: Alcohol, Ethics & Society
Lecture: Drinking education: Minimizing negatives or optimizing positives?

November 21-22, Regina, Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan National Native Addiction Program Providers
Workshop: "A motivational and environmental approach to addiction"


March 7, Dublin
Domville House Methadone Clinic, Ballymun
Workshop: "Addiction theory and clinical work with deprived populations"

March 8, Dublin
Trinity College: Addiction Research Centre
Lecture/Discussion: "Addiction treatment and rehabilitation: Does society expect too much?"

July 21-22, Bethesda, Maryland
The Marriott Residence Inn, Trebach Institute: Saving our children from drug treatment abuse
Presentation:"Is the cure worse than the disease: Helping adolescents overcome substance abuse and other problems"

August 6-9, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Sheraton Hotel: 25th Annual Summer Institute on Addictions and Behavioral Health
Plenary: "Love and Addiction revisited: The commonalities of addictive behavior"
Workshop: "Social skills learning in prevention and treatment"


February 12, London
The Maverick Club: Sex Wars — A fresh perspective on sex and human relationships in a suspicious world
Lecture/Discussion: "Sexual addiction: Is the urge to have sex a disease?"

April 3-7, Skarpö, Stockholm
Measuring drinking patterns, alcohol problems, and their connection: An international research conference
Presentation: "Consumption and dependence: Inextricable link or cultural/subjective connection?"

April 26, Washington, DC
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms: Health claims and other health-related statements in the labeling and advertising of alcohol beverages
Testimony: "How are we doing with drinking in America?"

May 30-31, New York
Mannarcc Conference: What is the modern biomedical basis of mental illness?
Lecture: "The schizophrenic's search for value and affirmation: An existential model of schizophrenia"

June 5-9, Oslo, Norway
26th Annual Epidemiology Symposium of the Kettil Bruun Society
Plenary Session Panel, Concepts and Conceptualizations: "Measuring and recommending optimal drinking levels" (with Robin Room and David Pittman)

October 19-21, Montreal
L'Ordre des Psycholgues du Québec
Workshop: "Providing a model of addiction: Theory and practice"


March 7-12, Switzerland
Kettil Bruun Society Thematic Meeting: Natural history of addictions
Presentation: "Natural remission as a natural process: Models of addiction/remission and their consequences"

March 26, Morristown, NJ
SMART Recovery in the correctional facility setting and community
Presentation: "Clinical, scientific, and legal bases for alternatives to AA"

March 29-30, Nova Scotia
Eastern Regional Health Board of Nova Scotia
Workshop (with Archie Brodsky): "The natural processes model of addiction treatment"

May 5, the Bronx
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Grand Rounds: "Natural remission: What are the lessons for policy and treatment?"

May 12-15, Bethesda, MD
12th Annual Conference on Drug Policy Reform
Panel: "A certain secret pleasure: Smoking and addiction"

May 31-June 4, Montreal
25th Annual Epidemiology Symposium of the Kettil Bruun Society|
Presentation: "The nature of addiction and its implications"
Plenary Session Panel: "The nature of addiction and its implications" (with Louise Nadeau and Ole-Jörgen Skog)

August 18, Tannersville, PA
Pocono Libertarians
Presentation: "Does addiction excuse thieves and killers from criminal responsibility?"

October 21, Toronto
McMaster University Theme School: Public Policy and Drug Use
Lecture: "Is marijuana addictive: Well, what is addiction?"

October 23, Arlington Heights, IL
Skylight Training and Publishing
Workshop: "Addiction to an experience"

November 14, Union, New Jersey
The Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring of New Jersey
Discussion: "How far can the drug war go?"


June 28-July 1, New York
Permission for Pleasure Conference, International Center for Alcohol Policies
Opening Remarks: "Reflections on permission and pleasure"
Presentation: "Promoting positive drinking"

July 6-9, Brisbane, Australia
Winter School in the Sun, Queensland Alcohol and Drug Foundation
Keynote Address: "Punishment v. coddling: Two shoals of addiction treatment and policy"
Plenary Debate (with John Saunders): "The meaning of Project MATCH"

July 14, Melbourne, Australia
Addiction Studies Program, Deakin University, Melbourne
Inaugural Stanton Peele Lecture: "Six truths you won't hear about addiction/alcoholism"