What do the Kennedy's and Schwarzenegger have in common? They like to have sex with women whom they can toy with. That's why Maria loved the big lug!


The Stanton Peele Addiction Website, May 19, 2011. This blog post also appeared on Stanton's Addiction in Society blog at PsychologyToday.com.

Abusing Women R Us: We LOVE the "Entitlementer"

Let's think about Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver.

Arnold loved to belittle and grope women who had subservient or minor positions on his multimillion dollar films -- how could they object, really?  Did they want to keep their jobs?

Between 1975 and 2000, more than a dozen women accused Arnold of having sexually harassed and humiliated them in incidents that occurred on movie sets, at gyms -- and elsewhere.

He has denied all the women's accounts, saying that none of the women said, "You went over the line."

What a guy -- harasser in chief!  And no one on the movie sets, certainly not his wife or entitled family, would ever say anything -- why, they're the Schwarzenegger-Shriver-Kennedy's!  Did these women think they had any right to object?

Anderson Cooper interviewed the LA Times reporter, Tracy Weber, who wrote about these women before the "Governator's" election. The reporter told Cooper how they woman felt powerless and humiliated. Most feared speaking with her, but then a few did, as she described here:

But several reluctantly began to describe behavior that appeared to cross every imaginable line. As I interviewed these women, I came to believe in the importance of the story. They were strong, professional, independent people, women like me: competent and assertive.

Their experiences with Schwarzenegger were double humiliations. First they suffered through the acts themselves: demeaning -- often public -- groping, unwanted, invasive kisses, crude, belittling comments. (See, it wasn't about sex -- demeaning the women was important to Maria's husband.)

Far worse, they felt forced by circumstance to let Schwarzenegger behave badly -- like an over-indulged toddler, as one woman put it. A complaint against the bigger-than-life moneymaker could tank their careers. Not a single woman felt anyone would have taken their side or chastised the star. (I added emphases)

They felt no one would stand up for them. And they were right. He's Arnold! These were 100-million-dollar movies; if they caused trouble, they would never work again. Then, after several talked to Weber they were doubly humiliated when, despite the story, he won the governorship by a wide margin.

No one cared --- and, of course, Maria spoke up for Arnold. Power uber alles. And these women's stories - and what they say about us -- are still ignored.

You see, the public likes bullies like Arnold -- after all, he's the Terminator. Despite the abundance of such stories, Californians (you know -- those liberal, forward-thinking, feminist-loving West Coasters) strongly supported Arnold when he ran for governor. They loved him -- a man who knows how to take charge, on film, at home, in the state.

Anrold is a big man -- physically, financially, powerwise. With whom did he choose to have long-term affairs?

Before turning to his latest flame, his housemaid, consider the Enquirer's revelations about Arnold's previous "squeeze" (the Enquirer -- you know, the rag that caught John Edwards in the act ).  According to the Enquirer , Schwarzenegger first had sex with Gigi Goyette in 1975 when she was 16, and later conducted a seven-year affair with the girl while he was married to Shriver, all of which was hushed up, like the women Schwarzenegger regularly harassed.

But, now -- the gory details are out -- note where Arnold would slip back and forth the same night between Gigi and Maria.  And, yes, Gigi didn't like that he was constantly "cheating" on her with other women, too.

Do you see a trend in Schwarzenegger's sideline women?  All totally malleable, non-challenging, controllable.

So, we are left to wonder -- what did Maria see in Arnold?  Well, she grew up admiring sexual predators -- she is a Kennedy, after all.

Just like Caliifornians and Americans admire bullies -- why, look at Donald Trump!

Arnold's just like Dominque Strauss-Kahn -- as Maureen Dowd points out . The women in Strauss-Kahn's stories describe identical experiences to Schwarzenegger's women (and I use that possessive advisedly). They kept their mouths shut -- otherwise, they feared reprisals. And everyone looked the other way.

One young French reporter wanted to reveal that Strauss-Kahn tried to rape her after he lured her to a deserted apartment under the guise of giving her an interview. Her mother -- a socialist party official -- leaned on her daughter not to go public or press charges (now that's what I call a good socialist!), even though she now says her daughter, then in her twenties, was traumatized. Eventually, Tristane Banon told her story -- there were no reprecussions for Strauss-Kahn.

So, you see, even liberals and socialists bow to kiss the feet of the powerbrokers, offering their own daughters up to them!

P.S. (May 26, 2011)

The National Enquirer (you know, the ones who blew the lid off John Edwards visiting his mistress and their baby at a Los Angeles hotel), has published this story by the head of security at the hotel at which Schwarzenegger stayed:

William Taylor - who passed a polygraph test about his claims - has accused the "Governator" of using California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers and vehicles to ferry scantily-clad women in-and-out of his suite at the Sacramento hotel where he often stayed. . . .

Taylor, who was head of security at the hotel, says the scandal never became public because the "Terminator" star - who served as Calif. Governor from Nov. 2003 until Jan. 2011 - bullied everyone on the hotel staff into silence.  He was so intimidating to the Hyatt workers that he forbade them to make eye contact with him, Taylor said.

No wonder Maria Schriver loved him so - he's so commanding!