The Stanton Peele Addiction Website, February 27, 2011.

Robin Room for King!

The Coordinating Committee of the Kettle Bruun (alcohol epidemiology) Society proposed to its membership that Robin Room by made President for Life (strictly as an honorific). With its usual passivity, the membership seemed to accede to the suggestion.

Then, one member, Harald Klingemann, objected, on the grounds that the office of a lifetime presidency was not part of the KBS charter, that a systematic nomination process was not implemented followed by a proper vote.

We believe the initiative as it is launched now - regardless of the merits which Robin without any doubts has - is jumping steps. It has the flavour of a 'lex Robin' and members who have not been with the KBS for so long, might not even be in the position to cast an informed vote, because they are not so familiar with Robin's achievement and KBS history. It would be dysfunctional for the reputation of the society if the impression was created that the 'old timer hard core group' now is tapping on each others shoulders.

So, I couldn’t resist adding my two cents:

Harald - you are such an old stick-in the mud!

Do you oppose Room's presidency for life just because George Washington turned it down?  But could Washington interpret a regression analysis like Robin!?! (Whoops, on second thought, not such a persuasive example.)

Okay, I realize that Mubarak's plan to assume the Egyptian presidency for life has given the practice a bad name - but did Robin sit by when thugs attacked those who challenged him? (Whoops, wait a sec - another poor example perhaps.)

Can't KBS simply elect Room God instead - I envision him with a toga, halo, and harp (I realize I am mixing metaphors)?  That way, he could just send a lightning bolt down emblazoned with the truth for KBSers incapable of thinking for themselves!

You really need to get your head straight and learn to kneel when Room enters the. . .room, Harald, strew flowers in his path, and sweep up the mess after he passes by!

Signed - one more voter for Room as king!