Bristol Palin has eliminated sex from her life and, while appearing in sexual provocative outfits in front of a national television audience, advises others to follow her lead.


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What's Up with the Palins and Sex?

Bristol PalinI was a little self-conscious when I wrote Bristol Palin's Last Pleasurable Sex Act in September, 2008. After all - although she was appearing, obviously pregnant, with fiancée Levi Johnson in front of millions during her mother's national election campaign - the girl was a teenager.

Bristol is no longer a teenager (she was born in October, 1990) and although not a mature woman, she has become a national television star in her own right on "Dancing with the Stars," where she appears in sexually provocative outfits (see picture), dancing in sexually suggestive ways in front of her parents and millions of people worldwide.

But she will not have sex. Bristol promotes the value of abstinence from sex, and I assume this means she isn't having sex (of course, that's what her mother thought when Bristol was screwing Levi). As I understand the plan, if Bristol doesn't get married for five more years, or ten more years, she'll be a renewed virgin (or whatever they call it) until she's 25 or 30.

My speculating in 2008 that Bristol had had her last fun sexually for a while seems now to be pretty right on. Of course, I don't know if she's allowed to mess around with males without having actual intercourse. Some of her poses and dances are fairly sexually stimulating. But the thing about abstinence-based sex programs is that they're not explicit about what is permitted. I mean, could her PSA with New Jersey Shorestar, The Situation, where she advocates abstinence be any more indirect ?

Let's summarize Bristol's sex life. At age 16 or so she had unprotected intercourse with her boyfriend, Levi Johnson, at least once, possibly a few times - after all, her mother seems to be very vigilant, when she's around. This may have been fairly fumbling sex, since it had to be done quickly and secretly. Bristol became pregnant. Once she admitted this, she renewed her vows of chastity, even when she reunited with Levi briefly after they broke off their engagement. She now swears to God she won't have sex again until marriage.

I think it's safe to say that Bristol (I should think more so than her mom) has eliminated the possibility of sexual pleasure in her life - starting at the age of 16!

And what is Bristol's sister Willow - now Bristol's age when she started shacking up with Levi - up to wearing those tight shorts and trying to sneak that boy upstairs during the premiere of her family's TLC reality show, Sarah Palin's Alaska? (Man, they're all over the American media.) Could it be that Willow is ignoring Bristol's chastity advice and moving in exactly the same direction as her sister, so that Sarah will end up the only sexually active adult woman in her family?

No wonder Sarah and her family are so popular with Americans - they hate sex !

Picture: Chaste American woman posing with a man - well, I didn't say she was a nun!