Drew Barrymore was presented to America as the prototype of the youthful addict - predetermined from birth to be addicted forever. Only it was bullshit.


The Stanton Peele Addiction Website, September 25, 2009. This blog post also appeared on Stanton's Addiction in Society blog at PsychologyToday.com.

Hey, Addiction Experts - Drew Outgrew Drug Addiction (now for her love addiction)

Drew Barrymore on the cover of PeopleThis blog isn't addressed to Dr. Drew (he's hopeless). It's addressed to Drew Barrymore, who has announced that she still drinks.

For those of us who have tracked Drew Barrymore's career - in which she appeared on the cover of People magazine as "America's youngest addict" at age 13, then published "Little Girl Lost" at 14, then attempted suicide after entering addiction treatment, then finally got clean - suposedly due to repeated rehab. For addiction experts, falling all over themselves to point out she inherited her addiction from both parents, as well as from her famously alcoholic grandfather, John, she stands as a perfect example of addiction.

Except she's not, and she instead stands as a beacon to the bullshit of the American recovery saga. At age 32, in 2007, she was selected by People as one of the world's most beautiful people. Why? Because she's lively, successful, seems to enjoy her multifaceted social and sex life . . . and she drinks!

Drew finally admitted what was obvious. With America waiting with bated breath, in a new Parade magazine article, she declares : "I'm not (sober) and I don't claim to be - quite the opposite. I've tried to find the balance. I hope it's balanced."

In other words, she's no longer alcoholic or addicted, but she still drinks. That will happen when a 13-year-old grows up, works hard at her career, develops friends and a support system, and embraces the positives in life. Remember you heard it first here, although every recovery expert and AA chapter in America will tell you it's impossible.

But she's still working on moderation in love.

Old Drew : Her romantic life is one of the most chronicled in the world.  “She loves being in love and talking about it. She’s like, ‘Can you believe it? He touched my hair!’”

New Drew: “Sexual love is secondary to me right now. I’ve spent a lot of time in my life dedicating myself to love or the pursuit of love or the understanding of love. But for the last few years, my life just hasn’t been about that for me. It’s just not about the mother baggage. It’s not about the boy. It’s about something completely different, and it’s very refreshing. I’m trying to understand it and relish it."

After all - love is the hardest addiction to quit.