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The Truth About Addiction and Recovery

The Truth About Addiction and Recovery

Stanton Peele and Archie Brodsky with Mary Arnold

The Truth About Addiction and Recovery. N.Y.: Simon & Schuster, Inc., 1992 (as modified by the authors for the Life Process Program, 2010).




Why It Doesn’t Make Sense To Call Addiction A “Disease”


Are People Born Alcoholics?


Which Is the Most Addictive Drug of All?


Smoking: The Toughest Habit to Lick?


Obesity: Are People Biologically Programmed to Be Fat?


Addictions to Gambling, Shopping, and Exercise: How We Evade Moral Responsibility

7 Love, Sex, and Codependence: Overcoming Trauma
8 The Life Process Program
9 Quitting as Life Process: The Case of Paula
10 Are You an Addict? Assessing Addiction in the Life Process Program
11 Assessing Your Values: Knowing What Is Important to You
12 Assessing Your Resources: What Do You Have That You Can Count On?
13 I'm Not the Person I Want to Be: How People Carry Out Plans to Change
14 Changing the Behavior: That Obscure Object of Desire
15 Life Skills: If You Don't Have Them, Get Them
16 Integrating Change into Your Life: Groups and Your Social World
17 Kids Have to Be Made into Addicts: You Can Prevent Addiction
18 Where the Solutions Really Lie: Re-establishing Communal Ties
19 A Road Map: Where We've Been and Where You Need to Go