The Truth about Addiction and RecoveryThe Truth About Addiction and Recovery

Stanton Peele & Archie Brodsky, with Mary Arnold

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In this revolutionary analysis of addiction, Stanton and Archie Brodsky draw on years of research to refute the contention that addictions are biologically based diseases that last a lifetime. Examining addiction within the context of people's lives, they show that addictive behavior is a way of coping with situational stress — and that it can be overcome without medical treatment or 12-step groups.

Praise for "The Truth About Addiction and Recovery"

A calm, reasoned, and highly effective alternative to the disease model of addiction and other bad habits. Electrifying and profoundly helpful.
—Carol Tavris, author of Anger: The Misunderstood Emotion

Required reading for addicts, their associates, and those who try to treat them.
—Albert Ellis, Ph.D., President, Institute for Rational-Emotive Therapy

Peele and Brodsky's ideas about addiction relief may prove to be as prophetic as their prediction of the 'love addict' industry.
—Paul R. Billings, M.D., Ph.D., Chief, Division of Genetic Medicine Pacific Presbyterian Medical Center

A scientifically well-grounded view of how people can overcome their addictions.
—Christopher M. Farage, Ph.D., Manager, Health Education and Behavioral Science Programs, B.P. America, Inc

Praise from readers

Thank you (and Archie Brodsky and Mary Arnold) for writing a great book. It saved my life, and drastically cut down the trial and error time I would have to go through to become a social drinker.
— MK

I read The Truth about Addiction and Recovery a couple of years ago when I was having difficulty with alcohol abuse. I'm glad I read it instead of going to AA as my psychologist recommended. In my vulnerable state of mind, I feel AA would have completely brainwashed me. I still overindulge in alcohol occasionally but it doesn't cause me near the number of problems it used to.

— A reader.

Your book changed our lives.
Dan started having a glass of wine maybe once a week about two months ago and tried a beer but didn't really like the taste anymore.
You are completely right in your book. We've tried to replace negative habits/traits, etc., with positive ones and things are so much better.  He really wasn't an 'alcoholic' and, in retrospect, I don't think he was even 'addicted'. I think he was using alcohol to mask difficult things, but there are so much less difficult things now, that there's no need to do this.

— Kendra

Hi Stanton
I read your book (The Truth About Addiction and Recovery) over 14 years ago, loved what I read, and used it, Big Time! I have not had a drink since Jan 1992 largely in part, because of your book! Thank You for writing it! I was a real heavy heavy abuser of alcohol up till that time ! But I think I was not conforming to AA very well so one night I picked up your book and it really set some bells off! I drank from the age of 13 to 30 and it was a rough ride. I truly believe the disease concept is false! I have a had really good life since I read your book I started a national mail order business for selling Twig Pencils and Twig Crayons ! I took up some good hobbies like metal detecting ,which really helped me fill the void of wanting to sit on a bar stool! Did some traveling so I had something to look forward to. Took up running gave up ciggys the same day I quit drinking! Anyways I really need to let you and your co-authors know how much I appreciate your book!
Thank You
— John

Published in 1992 by Fireside/Simon & Schuster
ISBN 0-671-75530-7