Cult-like tactics

Dear Dr. Peele,

I am a 21 year old college student at Rutgers College in New Brunswick. I have been in recovery for over three consecutive years. During this time I went to both in-patient and out-patient (in Morristown) programs and was heavily involved with AA and NA for my first two years of sobriety.

I am currently taking a class in cults and communes and decided to write my term paper about cult-like tactics used by in-patient facilities and groups like AA. I am finding your website to be incredibly useful to me. (Thanks!)

I was wondering if, some time in the future, you would consider either an online or personal interview. I live in South Orange and would be more than happy to come to you.

Regardless of your answer, thank you for making your website available. I must admit that when I was involved with AA I often felt "sucked in." My friends, also AA members, would tell me that my disease was trying to tear me away from recovery and back into active addiction. It is a huge relief to know that others see some AA members as coercive and manipulative.

Thank you for your time,



Dear [...]:

Thanks to you for your affirmation.

I'd be happy to be interviewed by you. But you must do me one favor -- send a copy of your paper to Barbara McCrady at the Rutgers Centerof Alcohol Studies. Tell her I asked you to do so.

Best luck,