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I avoid withdrawal in the wilderness, but not at home

Dear Stanton:

Once again, I'm quitting smoking. I have this technique for quitting that I've been using for the last couple of years (obviously an amazingly successful technique!). It always makes me think of your ideas. I do a lot of wilderness travel (backpacking, climbing, etc.). I almost never take tobacco with me, so normally I get back to civilization having experienced 48-72 hours of detox.

Strangely (or at least it seemed strange to me before), I almost NEVER think of smoking while I'm in the woods going through the "throes of withdrawal." Only when I get back to my usual environment do those cravings kick back in. Just one more little tidbit that makes sense viewed in the proper context.


Steve Tillery, Ph.D. -- Neurophysiology
Research Service, Syracuse VA Medical Center