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Religious objectors to AA need not apply

Though you state in your intro to The Real AA that alcoholics seek to mask through drinking "unpleasant feelings that others face and cope with," wouldn't you agree that "others" are just as obtuse about seeking other ways to mask unpleasant feelings? Don't we all try to avoid dealing with unpleasant feelings, and wouldn't a relationship with God be the most logical, healthy way to deal with them?

Tricia Manning

Well, yes and no. People do seek to avoid unpleasantness, and AA explains alcoholism for the family et al. as well as the drunkard. But religion is just another mask on reality for me. (Did you see the baseball playoff game last night between the Baltimore Orioles and Cleveland Indians, where Fernandez said God wanted the Indians to win—and presumably the Orioles to lose?)

Best wishes,

I didn't see that. I love it when athletes give credit to the proper Source and have enough humility to see it's not in their hands. Don't you believe that Power really exists beyond the natural realm? How do you face and cope with unpleasant feelings?