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I know AA/NA work – I’ve been in 14 treatment centers in my life and all of them use the disease 12 step model


How do you come to the conclusion that AA does not work when there are millions of people all over the world (including Jews and Asians) who have got sober and stayed sober by going to meetings . I should know because I am one of them. I am a jewish man who attends NA meetings and stays clean because of them. Alcholosim run in my family and has affected many of my relatives. I know many many jewish people with alchohol and drug problems so I don't know where you are getting your figures but they are wrong. Perhaps your data comes from a town that contains little or no jews? Whatever it is I know you couldn't be more wrong, I have seen proof that AA works, the proof is all around us. There are millions of people that live meaningful lives because of AA. For you to denounce AA is ludacris, I see nothing wrong with looking for an alternate approach to addiction but there is no reason to denounce something that works so well. I have been in 14 treatment centers in my life and all of them use the disease 12 step model. Addiction is recognized by the psychiatric community as a disease and I have not seen you able to prove other wise.


Dear Daniel,

I’m sorry my views offend you. Obviously, the 12 steps have worked well for you, and you should continue to use them as long as they are helpful. Is the reason you were in so many treatment centers that, originally, you had a tough time accepting AA’s approach?